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The Stove Box simplifies stove fitting when a stove is required in a recess. This can be chopped into an existing chimney breast or built around, creating a new breast in a room with no chimney. The Stove Box is fixed in position, insulated all around and above reducing any heat loss you would have on a normal conventional install. This results in the stove getting hotter quicker for longer and using less fuel.

When we carried out a test at Kiwa as a comparison between a register plate fit and a Stove Box install, the result was 14% more heat projected forward into the room using a 5Kw stove, burning wood. That is quite considerable on 5kw.

When the Stove Box is in position we make a number of various interiors that are fixed to the box, giving a wide choice of fireplace options available.

The benefits are:

  • Saves time on site
  • Wide choice of options on interiors, brick, stone, plaster,etc (these are pre-cut for height)
  • No need for soot doors, register plates, hatches, and with the special collar enables easy access to above for cleaning, servicing, and connecting to liners and chimney systems.
  • Adjustable separate collar available for stove pipe 5”and 6” which can move back and forth approx up to 80mm to avoid lintols and line up with clay liners which are already in place (you don’t know where these are till you have chopped out the opening)
  • These are bolted to the underside of the top and tightened when your fitting is complete.
  • The Stove Box interior can be changed easy when changing decor at a later date if required.

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The Stove Box is a unique design comes in two sizes to allow for different size chimney breasts and stoves. The 4" movement in depth allows you to assemble, place on the hearth with the required depth and bolt /silicon in position.  All our boxes are flatpack for easy storage taking a few moments to assemble. We have also introduced some new interiors which can easily be cut for depth on site.

When installing a stove inside the stove box you will achieve a greater heat output from your stove.
We strongly recommend that all installations are fitted with a chimney liner. This makes the appliance safer and more efficient. All stove boxes come complete with adjustable collar. Please ensure you choose the correct collar size. e.g 5"/6". You can download the fitting instructions on the link here.


Evaluation of the Performance of a Stovebox Installation in a Simulated Fireplace Surrounding a Roomheater

The Stove Box has changed stove fitting throughout the UK due to its environmental benefits. It is approved by building control and Kiwa Notified Body, a UKAS-accredited company who carry out testing (and often certification) on appliances, construction materials, electrical and water products. They also carry out energy monitoring field trials to carbon verification. The overall effect of the findings described will result in a householder feeling more comfortable and hotter (both quicker and ultimately) in a room with a Stovebox installation than one from the same appliance burning under the same conditions in a “conventional” fireplace surround.





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