The Stove Box: Revolutionizing Stove Installations with Speed, Ease, and Safety

In 2010, an innovative solution was born from the mind of an experienced HETAS installer - The Stove Box. This remarkable metal box has since become a game-changer in the world of stove installations, offering a quicker, easier, and safer way to set up stoves while ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

The Ingenious Design:

The Stove Box is ingeniously crafted with a metal structure, comprising two sides, a back, and a top, strategically designed to facilitate smooth stove installations. The box features an oval hole, precisely positioned to accommodate an adjustable collar. This clever design allows for easier access when connecting the stove pipe to the new liner or Twinwall system, eliminating installation hassles and reducing the risk of errors.

Versatile Installation Options:

One of the most remarkable aspects of The Stove Box is its versatility in installation options. It offers three distinct methods to suit diverse chimney and room configurations:

  • Chopped into an Existing Chimney Breast: The Stove Box can seamlessly integrate into an existing chimney breast, providing an efficient and modern upgrade to traditional fireplaces. This method is ideal for those looking to convert their conventional fireplace into a more energy-efficient and stylish stove installation.
  • Built around with False Chimney Breast System: For customers seeking a complete transformation of their living space, The Stove Box can be combined with the False Chimney Breast system. This combination not only offers an aesthetically pleasing design but also enhances insulation, preventing heat from escaping and keeping the chimney breast cool to the touch.
  • Used with Eco-Spacesaver Installation: The Stove Box is also a key component in the Eco-Spacesaver installation, which is ideal for situations where space is limited. By optimizing the available space, this installation ensures that the stove becomes a functional and space-saving addition to any room.

Energy Efficiency and Heat Optimization:

A critical feature of The Stove Box lies in its comprehensive insulation. The sides, behind, and above the box are all expertly insulated, effectively preventing the buildup of excessive heat within the chimney breast. This insulation not only safeguards against potential structural problems but also minimizes heat loss, allowing the stove to project warmth directly into the room, creating a cozy and comfortable environment for all.

Award-Winning and Approved:

The Stove Box's excellence in design and performance has earned it recognition as an award-winning product in 2022/2023, a testament to its innovation and quality. Additionally, it boasts approval from building control authorities, providing customers with the assurance of a safe and compliant installation. Furthermore, being listed by HETAS adds an extra layer of confidence, as it meets the high standards set by this reputable industry organization.

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Incorporate The Stove Box into your stove installation project and embrace a quicker, easier, and safer way to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your stove while contributing to a more energy-efficient and sustainable environment. Don't miss out on this exceptional solution that has revolutionized stove installations, making them more efficient, stylish, and user-friendly.

Quicker, easier and safer way to install a Stove

Designed by an HETAS installer in 2010, The Stove Box is a metal box, consisting of 2 sides, a back and a top, with an oval hole to take an adjustable collar for easier access when connecting the stove pipe to the new liner or Twinwall system.

The Stove Box can be, 1) chopped into an existing chimney breast, 2) built around with our False Chimney Breast system, or 3) is used with our Eco-spacesaver installation. With all installations The Stove Box is insulated, sides, behind and above, this cuts out heat from building inside the chimney breast, which can cause all sorts of problems and reducing heat loss which results in the stove projecting heat forward into the room.

The Stove Box is an award winning product 2022/2023 and was also shortlisted in 2019. It is also approved by building control and is an HETAS listed product.

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The benefits are:

  • No heatloss
  • A quicker installation
  • Size options
  • Installation option
  • Wide choice of options on interiors, brick, stone, plaster, etc (these are pre-cut for height)
  • No need for soot doors, register plates, hatches, and with the special collar enables easy access to above for cleaning, servicing, and connecting to liners and chimney systems.
  • Adjustable separate collar available for stove pipe 5”and 6” which can move back and forth approx up to 80mm to avoid lintols and line up with clay liners which are already in place (you don’t know where these are till you have chopped out the opening)

We have number of box sizes for all size openings

Rigid SB1, SB2 and SB4 and Blazer

The Stove Box is available in 4 fixed sizes and is supplied flat pack. If depth is a problem the SB1 and SB2 now comes as an adjustable option. The stove box must be fitted to meet building regulations.  The appliance must be fitted by an approved installer and do not fit a stove with a higher kW than suggested. The kW recommendations shown are based on our installations over the last 4 years.

Adjustable SB1 and SB2

Adjustable SB1 - 37”W x 34”H x 14-18”D - (94cm x 86cm x 35-46cm)
Adjustable SB1/Adj/Tall - 37”W x 48”H x 18”D - (94cm x 122cm x 46cm)
Adjustable SB2 - 31”W x 32”H x 12-16”D - (78cm x 81cm x 30-40cm)

Screwfix adapters and adjustable collars

We have patented our adjustable collar that seals the flue pipe, which bolts to the top of The Stove Box and slides to the required position and bolts to the flue to give a safe and sturdy install. These come in 2 sizes for 5"/6" flue pipe and can be used also with our adjustable register plates and the rear sealing plate making sitework servicing stoves easier.

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