Installation 4 - No chimney and tight for space? Use our new Eco-Space Saver

No chimney and tight for space? Use the NEW Eco-Space Saver. This option is great for new builds.

Use the new 'Eco-Saver' option when no chimney is present.

An innovative design which a Stove Box is chopped into the wall inside and through the outside skin to protrude from the exterior wall and The Stove Box is placed on a hearth and then insulated to meet the 'U" values, which is then bricked up. The interior to the box is fitted, and use one of the various adaptors to take the single pipe to black Twinwall where this then carries up the side of the house and to complete the system with a cowl.

The brick skin is then built up, insulated and the roof is flashed and tiled to make a nice neat look to the exterior. The inside room will look totally different with the creation of a chamber and feature fireplace.

NOTE: Building control needs to be notified before carrying out this procedure and check on planning on special buildings. Your appropriate installer will advise you in your area.

Most fireplaces can be installed in this way. This has been very popular since we designed this in April 2014 as the alternatives are just too bulky.

  • • All bends must not exceed 45 degrees.
  • • When using a timber framed dwelling, specialist advice should be taken on all the chimney situations when installing a new flue system.
  • For illustration purposes only.